At any given moment, I'm working on too many different scripts and storyboards for pilots, features, shorts, and more. Keep an eye out for an upcoming music video!
My largest filmmaking project yet has been "HAÜS: 12 Exercises in Paranoia."
A woman throws a small party for her roommate and two friends, but finds herself trapped in a spiral of paranoia, genres, and the many rooms of her house.
This short film I wrote and directed was only made possible through the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission. It is a recipient of the Arts in Community Resilience Award.
"m.a.d." is a short film I wrote and directed. It was produced by Taylor Potter under the guidance of Booker T. Mattison. In it, a couple debates whether or not to evacuate their home under the increasing threat of nuclear war. Will their relationship survive the tests of the political climate? 
official selection for the London International Motion Picture Awards 2020. 
I dipped into non-fiction storytelling with a short documentary film, "Finding Light," which followed the production of a student-written play on the University of Georgia's campus.
I have also directed the short film "I'll Be There," produced by Taylor Potter, under the guidance of James Biddle.
I've also written short screenplays that have been produced, including "I See You" and "Stealing Your Heart."
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